EVOLved Color Studio

Studio 16

Amber Pinkham: Owner and Colorist.

Hi, I am Amber, Owner and Colorist at EVOLved Color Studio.

I just wanted to share a little on how I got to this point in my career and who I am.

I started in the hair industry in 2004 at a large chain salon as a receptionist.

I used that time to learn all I could from the other stylists and build relationships

with the clientele.

By 2005, I reached the point where I got my own chair at the salon and started to build my

skills and my own clientele.

At the beginning of 2007, I had reached Master Stylist level with the company,

and by mid-year I was the assistant salon leader.

In 2012, I was offered the opportunity to become the Salon leader, I was honored

and accepted the position. I kept my stylists motivated and pushed them to

continue to grow their skills and attend advanced classes to keep up on the

latest trends and techniques.

By 2014 I had many titles: Salon Leader; Master Stylist; Salon Colorist; Field Coach;

Field Educator; and State Recruiter. With all these positions I started to realize

I didn't have the time to focus on my clientele the way I wanted to.

So in 2015 I decided to resign from the company and open EVOLved Color Studio!

The studio is a single stylist studio where I can focus one-on-one with my clients and

their hair to give the best service I can.

Since my studio and work has been featured by:

Colortrak 2019

Kenra Professional 2018

Salon Studio Solutions 2017

Kenra Professional 2016

Celeb Luxury 2016

Olaplex 2016

Joico 2016

Sola Salon Studios 2015 & 2016

Enjoy Hair Care 2015

Charm City Weddings 2014